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Embassy Park – Competition Entry



Embassy park is currently an awkward and uncontained space. Our proposals address, this issue by screening off and incorporating part of the road from the parking lot into the park. This is without detriment to the amount of car parking spaces and means only cars that park close to the retail units will have to exit the same way that they came in. With the additional land there is now a clean rectangular space that presents greater potential use and opportunities.Our proposals propel Embassy Park into a new, modern, flexible and exciting space and resource for the local and wider community.Our design theme works of an abstract grid that links, extends, creates and carves new spaces and that encompasses the horizontal and vertical plains. The vertical planes of the Skellig Restaurant, Anderson Florist are extended and clad in robust and modern looking materials such as recycled metal sheeting that are juxtaposed with irrigated Green walls panels. By doing this we have taken unsightly vertical elements and dynamically integrated them into a holistic design.On approaching the Park from Moody Street you are met by the paving that extends outside of the park and there is a visual feast of raised planters, water features, green and clad walls, bespoke structures and more. The three individually styled canopy shelters can be used on a day to day basis as social or relaxation meeting points. However commercially they could be hired out and programmed throughout the calendar to house for example: exhibitions and displays, market traders and craft fairs, meetings and talks, local and regional events. They are complemented by a sunken amphitheatre that can be used as a performance space for musicians recitals and plays etc.Raised planter walls act as informal seating and the soft landscape elements are either lawn that is accessible for lounging or low maintenance ground cover plants to create interest. A rhythm of specimen trees e.g betula jacquemontii (himalayan birch planted as semi mature standard with 2m clear stem) weave through the park and create shade, natural cooling and are the right size and density for the space. All plant species would be chosen for their suitability and availability.Multifunctional Totem / advertising / Lighting / Information signs are located at either end of the park. They mark and define the entrances and can be used for commercial advertising and/or local notices and timetable for events within the park.Two water features are created from black granite triangular slabs that have water cascading along the vertical planes. They create a shimmering and audible sparkle that animates the space and can counter some traffic noise.


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