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At STUDIOCONCEPT we understand that the success of any Landscape Design requires an innovative and applicable design concept that is relevant and exciting. Our process tests and explores numerous design ideas and themes that have a link and relationship to the clients brief and site context.  Once the right mix of design elements is reached we carefully translate our ideas using cutting edge design software.

Each project is almost always unique as each site and location has its own setting and context. Variations such has, geographical location, topographymicro-climate, existing features and vegetation all need to be accounted. These factors and others, coupled with a brief that the client and the designer develop provides each project with its own course and direction.

The design brief sets out the main items to be considered and philosophy, so for example for a Playground design the brief might  list certain items of play equipment, a sheltered area, any special theme or requirements for its users, budget parameters if known, and so on.

We take those elements along with the site study and develop design ideas and present them usually with :

  • Plans an birds eye view of the site
  • Sections and Elevations – side on views showing the proposed design
  • 3D views – same as sections but in 3D which can really help show the intended design,
  • Mood-boards to pictorially portray and show any precedent of those design elements.

A Typical Process.

After an initial consultation where the basic parameters of the project are discussed a ‘Scope’ of work is developed and agreed between the designers and the client. This provides a breakdown of how we have interpreted the brief, the different stages of the design process and what the expect. One stage will usually lead of from the next and a typical design projects could following the following stages.


Typical Stages

  1. Survey and Analysis – To record and determine the site’s characteristics, highlighting and understanding the main opportunities and constraints.
  2. Concept Design – Developing and testing ideas pertaining to the brief, which might be separated into an Initial and Final concept stage.
  3. Design Development – Taking the comments from the initial stage and adding greater clarity to the design, depending on the complexity of the project these drawings might be sufficient to hand over to a competent contractor.
  4. Construction Detailing – In some case’s a highly accurate and detail drawing package needs to be resolved so all aspects of the design are clear and communicated.
  5. On-site supervision – Monitoring and inspecting the progress of the build by certify or signing off satisfactory completed work.

There is no set standard and this process is determined at the consultation stage with the client and can vary for each project and its requirements.

If you have particular project that we can be of assistance, please contact us without any obligation.


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