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Half Dose #83: The Other, the Same

Half Dose #83: The Other, the Same.


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Building Better Communities – RSA Event 24/11/10

John McAslan discussed “changing approaches to architecture in relation to increasingly challenging social and community issues beyond the strict reach of clients’ briefs” at the recent Building Better Communities – RSA Event 24/11/10, here.

Personally I found the talk to be abit disjointed with JM constantly passing the can to his employee’s and audience members and I’m not sure there was a strong point or idea to the lecture.

However it was worthy to see examples and insites into his work in developing countries such as Haiti post earthquake and within other developing nations. The idea of helping  and making a difference to people living in real poverty was an eye opener as it requires the designer to be inventive in design and construction, choice of materials and then how you procure the work in-situations where  there is no longer any sort of organised structure.  The New school example was one project that stood out as its flexible design and multi purpose use propelled it to be the nucleus of the town. The lessons one can learn from consulting and designing for clients who have nothing in terms of material possessions must be extremely rewarding in terms of making a difference and to gleam how those fundamental and functional design element hewn from low cost, basic but inventive design can be a catalyst for change.

The area of Bas-Ravine, in the northern part o...

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Landscape architecture has become very fashionable… to architects

A great article and insights by Charles A. Birnbaum, President of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, where he talks about a tug of war regarding landscape and urbanism and consequently landscape architects and architects and who is best placed to control  and get the best results??

“Landscape architecture has become very fashionable… to architects. Moreover, its co-option and absorption into architectural practices has resulted in a revealing turf war with Andrés Duany as a vocal protagonist. He’s the Princeton-trained architect who, as a founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, adopted the ideas, vision and values of the early 20th century landscape architects/planners John Nolen and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., to launch a movement that led to more than 300 new towns, regional plans, and community revitalization project commissions for his firm. It also exerted a significant influence on planning and development practices in the United States and abroad. New Urbanists, as a coalition, support regional planning, open space, context-appropriate architecture and planning, and they believe their strategies can reduce traffic congestion, increase the supply of affordable housing, and rein in sprawl.”

spam_urbanism: BOSTON-plan

Image by trevor.patt via Flickr

read it all here..

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The job of a landscape architect

Interesting article about the job and career from a US perspective,  many dont understand what we do….even my wife…!

The job of a landscape architect is similar to that of a regular architect with regards to the environment and landscape – that is, they shape the landscape to provide a pleasant view, usually accompanying a recent construction of a residential building or a new location. Landscape architects can work both on a small and a larger scale – for example, one may be hired to design something as simple as a pond, or on the other hand, as complex as a park. The job is quite diverse and interesting according to practitioners, and gives plenty of room for creativity.

read the rest of the article here

Contemporary garden

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Barcelona landscape architecture prize – Israelis wins.

Description unavailable

Image by *Idit* via Flickr

Its a great space that I have visited and am pleased its been recognised as such. One great aspect of it is the lighting of the sea wall that shines light out to sea… so the lighting illuminates  the ocean waves as the come in…really cool.

Read more about it here

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Zaha Hadid wins Sterling Prize

MAXXI Museum Galleries - Roma

I really admire her work and the pictures of the Maxxi museum in Rome look amazing, there’s something very futuristic about the interior space it remind me of  a space station. The exterior looks well established in a minimal landscape, as if its been there for since the sixties and has echo’s for me of Le Corbusier. Whats great about Hadids work for me is that every design is unique and different and its great to have clients with ambition and budgets to enable talented designers to create such a masterpiece.

There are details of the event and some here at the Architect Journal.

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Networth London

I had  a great time yesterday evening at Network London at the Livery in the City of London. There was  good bunch of people and there was alot of card swapping in between drinks…!

The free champagne that some people ignored certainly went down well with a few of us…I think the next event is the 26th of October and I will be hoping to attend.

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Concrete Water Tower / Giuseppe Occhipinti

I like the idea behind this project, its featured in Arch Daily

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Planning a new Garden Design now for Spring

~ Spring Dreams ~

For a domestic garden project right now is a great time of the year to be planning ahead for spring. It might seem like a long time away but when you consider that we are almost in October now is a good time to be planning ahead and not waiting until the nice weather hits and there’s a rush to get designs built. The design process goes through stages and those stages need to be properly considered. A suitable contractor needs to be appointed and its worth getting 2-3 quotes to get the best price.

See our design process page of how we might tackle your project or contact us if you need any help or advise.

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